Production Turning

At Dynacut we have invested heavily in production multi tasking machine. All turning centers are equip with sub-spindles and live tooling to be able to produce most parts in a single operation. Reducing labor and increasing overall production efficiency. Routinely running machines unattended, keeping labor cost down. Using a one and done approach also insures higher quality products while eliminating human error. Or standard lot size at Dyancut Mfg. is 500-50,000 parts. We take blanket orders and monthly releases to help get costs down for customers as well.

Production Milling

Production up time is key to success in our industry. We utilize the expertise or our expert staff to keep or milling department running as seamlessly as possible. We take the same one and done approach on milling as we do on turning. Running most work on our machines that are equip with rotary axis to allow machining on 3 faces of a part in one clamping. Operation two would be on that same machine to finish the part. Less operations and less handling means lower production cost and higher overall quality. General lot sizes are 100-10,000.

Precision Assembly

Many of our customer see use as

Inspection Department

You can’t make parts if you don’t have to tools and know how to inspect them. We have a dedicated QC lab on site. With calibrated gaging, CMM, and HD vision inspection equipment, we are fully set to inspect any parts being produced with in our facility.

Heat Treat and Plating

We can handle all aspects of work. Insuring a finished product when it reaches customers door. From MILSPEC plating to certified heat treating we have a full like of industrial partners to get the job finished.

Whats next …

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